Juggling Seminars

Howard's corporate juggling workshop fits perfectly into sales training seminars, annual meetings, and the periodic “how’s business” company meetings. The accomplishments created through Howard's workshops translate into better workplace teamwork and has been found to have a tangible and profound effect on communication skills, productivity and morale, as well as, providing self-confidence and problem-solving abilities for the individual.

·      Improve hand-eye coordination
·      Relieve stress
·      Help with time management
·      Increase productivity
·      Improve communication between supervisors and co-workers
·      Enhance problem-solving skills

*Scientific research has proven that juggling can improve brain activity and increase brain cell growth!

·      Ralph Nader, Presidential Candidate, Consumer Advocate
·      Howard “Hoddy” Hanna, Owner of Howard Hanna Real Estate
·      Lynn Swann, NFL Hall of Fame Member
·      Franco Harris, NFL Hall of Fame Member

·      Tunch Ilkin, Former Pittsburgh Steeler, Pro-Bowl Alumni
·      Craig Wolfley, Former Pittsburgh Steeler
·      John Cusack, Movie Actor
·      Larry Richert, KDKA Morning Talk Show Host

An unparalleled entertainer, a unique motivator, an accomplished actor, and a dynamic presenter and speaker, Howard Mincone has been affiliated and worked with some of North America’s largest corporations.  Some of these corporations include:

Stage-Movement Workshop

This is not the same old, run-of-the-mill, monotone lecture. Sales people, students, entertainers, business people, and more have become dynamic speakers as a result of Howard’s instruction. Howard strengthens the natural abilities of the attendees by helping them to develop their presentation skills. 

Motivational Speaking

Are you interested in:
·  juggling the talents of your employees to get the most out of them?
·  organizing your corporation after reorganization?
·  motivating and inspiring your team members?
·  improving the communication between departments or divisions of your corporation?
·  finding someone who can make a lasting, positive, exciting impact on your next meeting? 

Howard Mincone can transform your “business as usual” meeting into something that will a have long-lasting, profound impact on all who attend. Howard applies his B.A. degree in Communications from Robert Morris University and more than twenty years of experience as a top-notch entertainer, speaker, instructor, consultant, and motivator to help change your workplace.

In today’s rapidly-changing work environment, it is very difficult to juggle all of the office demands, but with Howard Mincone's motivational speaking presentation, you can motivate your team members to be better workers and communicators. Howard has spent years developing a system that combines real science with practical application to assist your company in improving its internal and external communication. 

Trade Show

With all of his contagious energy and enthusiasm, Howard is the ideal presenter for your next trade show. He has the ability to bring trade show attendees to your exhibit without the same old, stale presenter lines or pitch. People are naturally drawn to Howard and, consequently, to your booth. With years of sales experience (Nestlé Foods Corporation) and the utmost in professionalism, Howard knows how to present your product then step back and allow your sales people to do their jobs. He can also instruct your sales staff on how to present the product, read the customer, and close the sale!